The Gel Microdrop (GMD) Growth Assay rapidly quantifies the effects of compounds such as antibiotics, cytotoxic agents, and growth factors on individual cell growth. Populations can be analyzed by flow cytometry to identify sub-populations of interest, such as those that are drug resistant.


The GMD Growth Assay Involves Three Easy Steps

Individual cells are initially encapsulated in CelGel™ Encapsulation Matrix. The resulting GMDs function as miniature Petri dishes. Subsequent cell growth and fluorescent labeling permit clonogenic growth to be quantified using flow cytometry.

  Cells divide normally within GMDs. After staining with a specific marker, GMD fluorescence increases as cell number increases . GMDs containing clonogenic microcolonies can be analyzed or sorted based on the amount of cell growth.  


Advantages of the GMD Growth Assay

  The CellSys 100™ Microdrop Maker, CelMix™ and CelGel™ Encapsulation reagents are available for purchase. Alternatively, we can screen your cells on a fee-for-service basis. Please contact us for details regarding either of these arrangements.  

Growth Assay Forms And Additional Information (click on the PDF to view)