A Gel Microdrop (GMD) is a small, agarose-based microsphere that encapsulates an individual cell in a porous gel matrix.

By diffusing various reagents into the agarose matrix, one can perform a variety of assays on large populations of GMDs simultaneously. Cell phenotype and function can be examined on a cell-by-cell basis by flow cytometry because each cell is individually encapsulated. Viable cells can be sorted and recovered based on the results of these assays. Please click here for more information on FACS and GMDs.

106 cells can be encapsulated, assayed, sorted, and recovered in less than one day, making this technology a faster and more efficient alternative to limiting dilution cloning.


Characteristics of GMDs
  The CellSys 100™ Microdrop Maker has been engineered to maximize cell encapsulation while preserving cell integrity. High rotation speeds and unique blade configuration allow the selection of microdrop diameter sizes between 10 and 100 microns. A schematic of the CellSys 100™
Microdrop Maker is shown to the right.